Your dedicated copywriter

Hi, I am Teodora, a travel & lifestyle writer, copywriter and storyteller.

I help businesses and individuals with their B2C communications by creating targeted, valuable and engaging content – from informative web pages and blog posts, to brochures and video scripts – all the marketing collateral you might need.

With a background in creative scriptwriting and writing experience for magazines and brands, I have a unique mix of journalistic, copywriting and narrative storytelling skills, which I have used on a range of digital, print and television projects.

My colourful experience of crafting copy and creating stories for different audiences and media formats has taught me that …


Your content is uniquely you

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to copy. Your brand is unique and your services and products cater to real people. Cookie-cutter content does not work with humans. What they need are stories, so you need the right words to reach them.

You need a copywriter who understands your strategy and goals but most importantly – your audience. Your content has to speak directly to your prospects’ hearts and make them want to book and leap into the unforgettable experiences you offer.

In simple words you need …


Your brand story told in the best way possible

Effective copy is part seduction, part time-tested copywriting and marketing techniques, with a pinch of SEO for today’s digital media. A recipe that can get your message across and engage your clients in a meaningful and profitable way.

Based on your goals, your platform and audience, I can polish all the finer details, from honing the brand tone of voice and interspersing web pages with key words, to mapping out content marketing strategies.

I love to craft a good story, one that makes your target audience dream about going on a journey with your brand. Let’s make it a fun ride!


Let’s talk about the words you need!

See a full list of services or email me at teodora.gaydarova@gmail.com