Hello, I am Teodora, a freelance copywriter, blogger and storyteller.

I create unique, highly-targeted content for travel, leisure & tourism businesses, blogs and publications.

My mission is to help you engage your readers and convert your prospects into customers. How do I do that? First of all, I make sure I understand your audience.

I am an experienced Travel & Lifestyle Writer

I specialise in writing travel, leisure and lifestyle content about London, the UK and Europe, covering anything from high-end to budget activities, and from popular to offbeat attractions.

To date I have blogged about quaint seaside towns, hidden markets, hot nightlife venues, cultural events and thrilling outdoor activities.

Years of writing for both small and big, local and international tourism businesses and travel blogs have taught me one thing – what makes one traveller tick can make another sick.

To connect with your prospective customers, you need to speak their language, and my job is to make sure you do.

I am your Dedicated CopyWriter

In today’s competitive market and online space overflowing with travel-related media selling a holiday experience is not so much a battle about travellers’ minds, as it is about their hearts.

Transporting travellers from their couch to your destination, better still, directly to the hotel room or guided tour that you offer, is key in securing sales.

I use carefully-crafted words to tell your brand story in the best way possible.

I create marketing collateral and blog posts that inspire travellers to book their dream stay or unforgettable holiday activity with you, and no one else.

Together, we can make travellers want to go on a journey with you. So, let’s make it a fun ride!

Check out a full list of services I offer or take a look at my portfolio.

You are welcome to drop me a line at teodora.gaydarova@gmail.com for a free, no-obligations chat.

I’d be happy to discuss your content needs!